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   Finding a Job


Where to Look for Teaching Positions

There is no central teacher placement agency in Ontario, so teachers who are looking for work need to consult many different job search resources. If you are looking for a teaching job on the Internet, the three websites listed below are good places to start. Teachers may post their resumes on these websites for free. Various school boards across the province use these sites to help fill vacancies.

  1. Education Canada
  2. Workopolis
  3. Jobs In Education

Some boards require that teachers apply for positions using the Apply to Education website. There is a fee to submit applications through this site. Other boards require that teachers apply directly to the principal of the school with the vacant position.

Since the hiring process for teachers varies by board, your first step should be to visit the board website for more information about submitting an application. For a list of Ontario’s 72 publicly-funded school boards and 37 school authorities, please consult the Ministry of Education website here.

Another useful source for job postings is local and national newspapers. Most teaching positions are advertised in newspapers between January and June, with duties beginning in September of the following school year. Some hiring may also occur in late September and early October, when staffing and enrollment numbers are finalized.