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How Do I Become a
Teacher in Ontario?


Before you can teach in Ontario’s publicly-funded school system, the Ontario College of Teachers must evaluate your qualifications. The process of having teacher qualifications evaluated and approved is called the "certification process", since this is the route that must be followed to receive a teaching certificate in Ontario. The certification process begins with your application to the College. As part of your application, you will need to provide proof of your educational background and training, your language ability, as well as other personal information.

What is required to become certified as a teacher in Ontario?
Teachers in Ontario are certified to teach either general studies or technological studies. General studies include what you might think of as "traditional" school subjects, such as language, art, math, physical education, computers, science and music. Technological studies include more work-related areas such as manufacturing, construction and hospitality services.

If you wish to teach general studies to students of any age level in a publicly funded Ontario school, you must hold:

  • A degree from an acceptable post-secondary institution (a Bachelor of Arts, for example); AND
  • A minimum one-year program of teacher education (a Bachelor of Education, for example). Visit the College website here for more information about acceptable programs of teacher education.

A four-year university degree that combines academic and teacher education courses will also be considered.

Elementary and secondary schools in Ontario are divided into four age levels or "divisions". These are:

  1. Primary (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3)
  2. Junior (Grades 4 to 6)
  3. Intermediate (Grades 7 – 10)
  4. Senior (Grades 11 and 12)
  5. All teachers who teach general studies are qualified to teach students in at least two consecutive divisions:

  6. Primary and Junior (Kindergarten to Grade 6)
  7. OR
  8. Junior and Intermediate (Grades 4 – 10)
  9. OR
  10. Intermediate and Senior (Grades 7 – 12)

Teachers at the primary and junior levels (Kindergarten to Grade 6) are expected to teach many different subjects. So, if you wish to teach this age group, you will need to be qualified to teach the range of subjects taught in elementary schools. You will not need to specialize in any one specific subject. To teach at the intermediate level (Grades 7 -10), you will need to be qualified to teach at least one subject at this age level. To teach at the senior level (Grades 11 and 12), you will need to be qualified in at least two subjects at this age level.

To teach technological studies, you are required to have a secondary school diploma, at least five years of wage earning experience in the technology subject area (or a combination of work experience and training in the technology area) plus a one-year teacher training program. In Ontario, this teacher training is usually in the form of a one-year Diploma in Technical Education, taken at an Ontario faculty of education. The equivalent of a one-year teacher training program is acceptable for those educated outside of Ontario.